Seaford Squiggle

I enjoy sketching from life, it’s an enjoyable challenge. Spotting something, reaching for pen and sketchbook. Knowing that what I am attempting to draw is going to move at any minute. So I have to try and look at the essence of what attracted me to the subject in the first place. Remembering to quickly scoot round the subject with my eyes trying to imprint the ‘essentials’ in my mind before it moves off. Which I often forget to do so I inwardly swear as my subject disappears.

Feeling the frisson, whilst drawing, of whether I’m going to ‘capture it’. Trying not to trip myself up, which I did a bit in this sketch by not making enough room to write in full ‘Ice cream’ on the van. Even if it is not successful I have recorded a moment, a memory. But when I have captured something, oh the triumph!  And this urges me to go on to try again to improve as you are never satisfied, and there is always room for improvement.  But, just for now I am satisfied with my little sketch and it gives me great pleasure.